Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress: Slow Motion is Better than No Motion!

If this is your first time visiting Better Financial Times, Welcome! Every week I review the previous week, commenting on the various situations that occurred during the week. These situations revolve around money management principles.

Each week is different, and each week has many opportunities to improve your money management skills. Each week can also challenge how much you believe in the principles you have created. So I work to maintain my strength of purpose by realizing I’m human and make mistakes.

Turning your vision of the future into reality is no easy task. Mistakes make me successful is a thought that comforts me in times of doubt. How will you ever attain the success of what works without knowing what doesn’t?

Last week, I thought about whether it was possible not to spend a dime throughout the week without planning. Besides necessities, would it be possible? Would life lose some of its appeal of spontaneity and excitement?

Of course! Here is where I struggle. The right and most prudent decisions in money management can be boring. But as Robert Green once said, its what we do in the moments of boredom that determine our fate.

Some people try to live their lives with something at every moment. They have to be watching TV, on the phone, hanging out or spending freely. I’m not saying life has to be boring.

But when you’re attempting to move to the next level both in terms of wealth and life, you have to sacrifice. This can mean that your life will have to be boring for a while.

Imagining, my goal of financial freedom keeps me going. Sometimes I falter and have to remind myself of the mission I have set out to accomplish. Yesterday I had the privilege of totaling my monthly cash flow statement from the previous month.

For the last couple of paychecks, I’ve been struggling to cross the finish line. I’ve come close to making it through the week without touching my savings, but I’ve have not been victorious lately. So this week, I knew I’d see where my money had been going.

I saw my expenses increase and my income increase as well. I had maintained my eating habit, and I went out of my way to bring my lunch. If I know that I’ll be gone for the day, I pack a lunch even on the weekends.

If I know I ‘ll be gone for half the day, just simple snacks filled with protein, fats and low carbs will do. This helps me avoid eating out unless I really want to. So I know I wasn’t lacking in that area. The sushi expense, my most prized reward for a week in improvement was about the same from last month. Still a little high.

It was the bills and the emergency expenses that arose throughout the month. I try each week to live on my paycheck and not dip into savings regardless of how much I make. But it looks like for the third week in a row, I’ll be withdrawing from my savings.

This coming week, I’ll continue to practice the same money management principles, and I’ll protect my money better. Although I may not be overspending in any one area, I still can make adjustments. When the cash flow for the upcoming months is unpredictable to forecast, your planning must be up to par.

Planning is like investing, its forecasting based on what’ve you seen and are seeing. It’s tough to predict the future. So give yourself the best chance to succeed by planning for your expenses.

Exciting? Maybe not. But turning your vision into reality is.

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