Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress: That’s How I knew!

As I change the circumstances of my reality, I am both wary and optimistic about what may lie ahead. Being that future is unknowable, the scales of fortune may tip in your favor or it may not.


When I wake up and my feet plant on the ground, I’ve got another day to make my life the way I want it. I thank God and continue the mission.

To give myself the best chance, I became judicious in all aspects of my life. Not just in my spending have I made adjustments but also in my use of time.

Riding to the office has become a second classroom for me. Eager to expand my knowledge and skills, I begin to listen to more audiobooks. Doing this has helped me take advantage of the time available. Often the days are long and the nights longer, so time is of the essence.


After seeing the unfortunate fate of Hussleman, I saw the message clearer.


With that being said, The world is in turmoil; my future won’t be as sure as my parents. The news and the researchers speak of my generation as paying for the sins of my parents. Not that my parents committed any sins harmful to my well-being but that the sin of debt and cheap money will follow us in any path we take.

My generation is destined to change jobs rather frequently, experience significantly more volatility in the markets, and witness the disappearing safety in retirement. Evident to the money handlers, we are moving closer and closer to becoming globally dependent in the United States.

Our parents ideal of the future slowly becoming less likely. So I believe that is my duty to prepare by learning the cycles of the economy and the market. I also wanted to learn the income and expense cycles of my own life.


Have I noticed any phases in spending excluding the seasonal variations?


I believe that now, I am in the accumulation phase. The masses seldom notice the accumulation phase and never accumulate assets. Often this is because of a lack of knowledge in how markets and the economy work.

Instead, the smart money is accumulating in preparation for the selling climax.

Accumulation doesn’t take place only in trading but life as well, such as knowledge accumulation. Seeing the value in an investment regardless of its current value means anticipating the value. Sometimes data can assist you in doing a valuation, and sometimes it won’t.


Based on the data I have accumulated in the past three years, I have determined my income is steadily increasing while discretionary spending is decreasing.

This past week was a lot smoother than the previous weeks. I have been thinking through my purchases before making the actual purchase. I walked out of a store after realizing the purchase I was about to make was nothing more than fleeting desire. Just being able to complete this exercise took years of developing a spending awareness.

I’m happy to say that my awareness is increasing. The one concept I have learned over the years is that the macro resembles the micro. Meaning if you manage your finances well its relatively easier to assess if a company or economy does so.


This past week deserves a grade of “B-“.

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