Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress: The Leverage of Experience!

For the hundredth time, I get to say Hello Again. One hundred posts is quite an accomplishment for me. When I first started Better Financial Times Llc, I wasn’t sure I’d have something to talk about. I wasn’t a financial guru or a known financial expert with the right answers.

It all began with me reflecting on the experiences and the lessons I could share. I believed I could contribute to the idea of improving your financial position your way. Those who know of my financial missteps in the past remain skeptical of any improvement.

Improvement sometimes happens too slow for even me to notice. However, when investing opportunities and challenges arise, I suddenly find myself having an educated guess of the solution. Because that’s all we can really do in investing and in life is make educated guesses.

When I arrive at the gym, I make sure to think of a gameplan for the workout. I try not to repeat the same workout twice because no two days are alike. So I create from the basic exercises I like to do. These basic exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, dips, and lunges.

Although I may add some weightlifting into the mix, those are the main exercises I strive to complete each workout. You can add a level of difficulty to most of those exercises just by adjusting the position of your hands or arms. Small adjustments to accomplish the goal.

The goal of getting to fifteen percent body fat. I’m heading in the right direction so any challenge is a minor adjustment I have to make. I’m a big believer in making minor adjustments over major changes when trying to accomplish.

Making large changes to fast like budgeting no money towards your interest in an effort to change your ways can be a disaster. Or vowing to never make a bad purchase again can be just as damaging.

Some people try to make all the improvements at once. They want it all, and they want it fast. Today is never fast enough. This may work for you, but I know it’s not going to work for me.

For me, hurry up-no hurry works best. This is my pace, and with the speed continually being adjusted to just right, I can accomplish my goal. It may be too slow for most but its just right for me.

I can say that each week, I climbed closer towards my goals, but no one moves straight ahead. Stocks never move straight up, they ascend up with challenges.

Often you’re looking at the stock wondering about its stamina. How long can it grow or descend at this pace? When it comes to personal finance, you begin to think about relaxing. Or maybe your thinking about the number of emergency expenses that rose alongside your income. I know I do.

During an interview, Mike Tyson mentioned: “When you watch the Muhammed Ali vs. Joe Frazier “Thrilla in Manilla” fight toward the later rounds, you’ll see Muhammed Ali punching off will.” He had learned how to punch and knew how to punch effectively, but this was the ending rounds. Fights lasted fifteen rounds back then. Who wanted more? Who was willing to knock on deaths doorstep to win?

Sometimes with your doubts and fears clouding your vision, you have to continue to execute according to the plan. Other times the optimism and ego cloud your vision, and you have to make sure you perform according to plan with no ego.

Each week I have to remember this. You have to remain hungry and humble. When the times are good, you count it and store it away.

I’m leveraging my experience to make an educated guess about what may happen and how the life/stock may move. You can say that it’s not the overall move that it’s important its the details of why it moved. The minor adjustments and knowing when and how to make them.

It separates the novice from the experts. So when you think of leverage, think of the minor adjustments that could tip the scales in your favor. Leverage has nothing and everything to do with money.

Before you invest, think about it. Is there any leverage you can use to profit?

Thoughts? Corrections?

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