Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress: Marching forward!

Greetings to All! Once I again, I am excited to post and share my thoughts with all of you.

Unfortunately, this weeks progress was interrupted by the Flu. Well, I believe it to be the Flu. How do I know?

Feel like Crap? Yes. Aching? Yes. Small Appetite? Yes. Of course, self-diagnosis is always the best way to diagnose yourself. So it could just be a nasty cold.

All I can think about is resting in my bed for the rest of the day. Thank You for barring with me as I hashed out excuses. Moving on.

Last week I focused on restricting my spending, so it allowed me to save a large portion of my income. However, these savings weren’t going to my savings or investment account. They were being deposited into a business account.


As I mentioned before, I signed the paperwork, so now the business is a reality — one step towards accomplishing my goals.


Just completing the first step of officially opening a business is a significant step in the right direction. A while back, while opening my first business banking account, I remember wondering if this was the right thing to do. Starting a business is scary, and it is even more intimidating when your paying taxes and opening banking accounts.

While the banks’ relationship manager was overlooking my information, I asked him when did a business usually become profitable? I figured if anyone knew about a business’s success rate, it would be a banking manager — the person who decides if your business is worthy of being lent money.

His response was, “It became profitable when they had skin in the game.” He further elaborated that before the business was a pipe dream. It was imagination.


Now it’s real.


Because the costs are real.


At first, I didn’t believe him, but now I do. When you are doing everything, and I do mean everything, things change. You are now making your first investment, “Sweat Equity.”

Now its time for your second investment, the capital. Writing my first check to pay the annual taxes amounting to $800 wasn’t easy. I was tempted to quit because I felt I wasn’t ready.


Wasn’t Ready? How?

  • Was it money?
  • Was it knowledge?
  • Was it experience?
  • Was it not the right time?


Any of the excuses provided above would have worked as a legitimate reason for giving up. One of the first challenges I faced was deciding on whether to do my own bookkeeping or hire an account.

Being that I am a small business, I don’t think it would be advantageous to hire an account at the moment. So last week I decided to do the bookkeeping myself. During tax time, with the money saved, I can hire an accountant to look over my annual tax submittal.

Since I already separated my account, a significant portion of my accounting would be more manageable. This last week I begin to think of my expenses and time as a business person would.

As a small start-up would. Save it, and it can be invested back into the business. By doing this, it meant curtailing my discretionary spending and increasing the investment I made into my business.


I now have skin in the game. Managing my finances is more imperative now than ever. Over time the practice of managing my finances will increase my chances of success.


By now, you can probably tell I had limited opposition from within in curbing my expenses for the week. It’s for the business. That makes doing without bearable when you have a reason, “Why.”

Sometimes I look at others enjoying themselves, eating out, visiting locations across the world, and getting married and I wonder? Is it worth it?

Is all this sacrifice worth it? Only time will tell. Moreover, time is the great equalizer and the ultimate judge of your character and strength of vision.


Thoughts? Criticisms? Grievances?

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