Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

WEEKLY PROGRESS: Was a Mental Vacation a good idea?

Last week I decided to take a small mental vacation. By mental vacation, I mean a vacation from my budget. To be honest, I was exhausted by the end of the week so I felt I needed a vacation.

I couldn’t go on vacation physically so I sort of checked out mentally. It felt good to shrug off some of the responsibilities of the week like sticking to a budget.

What were the results? The results were that those splurges affected me the following week. Each purchase felt good and somewhat stress relieving so I decided to spend more. What a feeling! Buy what you want and don’t worry about the consequences.

I didn’t spend much on clothes or any other big-ticket items. But I did eat out and I spent a lot on small snacks and activities throughout the week.

So this week, I had to dip into my savings. A definite no-no. I can hear the excuses now:

  • ” A visit to the dentist cost me”
  • “I had to finish paying for the start-up fees incurred in starting a business.”
  • “My car needed to be fixed?”

All legitimate reasons to splurge during the week. Too not be mindful of each purchase. I figured that would be okay for just one week. Unfortunately, life doesn’t take a break nor will it spare you of its difficulties. In fact, if your too unprepared all of the emergencies can seem as if their happening all at once.

That’s just how it goes. But avalanches just don’t start out of no where.

Fortunately, for me, there were no major emergencies that occurred during the week. I would have been in trouble if an emergency did occur.

The fact is that as life moves as its own pace, you must find a pace that works for you. I know I speak about pace, rhythm, and timing in multiple posts but the concepts are very important.

The idea of timing and pace has a lot to do with being natural. The natural way is to work during the week and enjoy ourselves on the weekend.

The natural way is to create breaks for the hard work that we do. The natural way is to relax because we can’t be serious all the time.

This is why finding your pace in life is so important. Knowing when you’re doing too much and knowing when you’re not doing enough. Truly knowing when you’ve reached a breaking point.

Making an adjustment to account for life’s emergencies and working them into your pace can be beneficial to your well being.

What I should I have done is to recognize that it’s hard to do multiple things well. Not impossible but also not easy.

Putting pressure on yourself to always perform, to always perfect and always work is a fantasy best left to movies. Burning out quickly or running out of steam is more likely. Understanding that you will make mistakes, need time to relax and relieve stress is much more realistic.

Sometimes you just need time off. And sometimes you need to remain focus. Only you know what’s best for you.

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