Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress: Wealthy Habits!

Greetings to All! Hope this post comes to you in peace and prosperity. I often wonder about the future with all of its potential challenges and possible opportunities.

Sometimes I get ahead of myself. So busy trying to achieve that I miss the chance to look at my progress. Assessing your progress can be an excellent motivator encouraging you to keep moving forward.

Each week I try to add a new habit to my behavior. I believe that you should keep your expenses far below your income. I also believe that you need to know when a vacation is needed.

A vacation doesn’t always equal traveling. Perhaps a vacation means a mental and physical break sorely needed. Working all the time can zap your energy and slowly erode your focus. And when your focus slips you begin to look for other ways to accommodate.

For most its spending, buying that new item to feel the excitement missing in your life. Don’t do it!

Take the time to take a break. Appreciate what you have. Relax your mind so you have the energy to practice good money management.

This is something I often have to remind myself to do.

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