Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress

Greetings, I decided to add a weekly progress report card. Rethinking about this week’s expenses helps me to analyze which were necessary and which weren’t. My ultimate goal is to limit my expenses to just what is required. This has proved to be difficult in the past and my best week so far has been five purchases that weren’t on “needs”.

The two thoughts that continue to arise when I am avoiding a purchase is “There is no need to be miserable, you only live once” and “Its only $10, you get paid this week.” The only problem with this line thinking is that you don’t know what may happen next! You may actually need that money.

But who thinks about the last $10 as contributing to the financial emergency that always catches us at a bad time. Very few have worked at truly understanding that the seemingly insignificant $5 or $10 you spend can be your biggest burden or opportunity in the future.The so called “latte factor”.

Although this week brought some cash flow challenges, I found it easier to say “No” to myself this week. On the way home from the gym today, I thought about purchasing a snack for later but I wisely refused. Instead, I thought about adding that amount I didn’t spend to my gas tank for my weekly travels to work which is a 1hr commute.

I did go over my budget this week at the sushi restaurant by $10. I also wasn’t that successful earlier in the week in refusing to make a purchase at the gas snack counter.

Overall, this week I gave myself a “B”.

I grade myself based on how much I saved versus how much I spend on items that weren’t necessary. How did you do?

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