Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

What a TIME to be Alive!

With the talk of impeachment, the slumping global economy and natural disasters destroying communities & countries, How can I profess this to be a great time to be alive?


This is a trying time for us all. The morals and principles that came naturally to the older generations are now seldom seen or respected. The White House is now a showcase of characters and plotlines that mimic a reality show.

So what is there to be excited about?


For me, its the emergence of technology and the speed of information (innovation)!

I hate to sound like Grandpa Simpson, but in my day, finding information meant going to the library. It meant a visit to the bookstore for a half day. I remember gathering stacks of books to skim through before deciding on which to purchase.

Mind you, this was about nine years ago. Now, I do all my reading through my Samsung note and the rest on my laptop. I still buy books but not very often.

What technology has also done is speed up the transference of information. Me going to the store, reading through the book, and ultimately purchasing the book was at least a four-hour trip in total.

Now within seconds, I’m able to download a book and begin reading it.


Back in 2015-2016, I begin to notice investing app start-ups encouraging you to save money in small increments. Each purchase would be rounded up to a full-dollar. The difference or spread would be deposited into a no-interest investment account.

Each investment account had a different level of risk. The app chose the best fund to place your funds, which were usually ETF’s, bonds, mutual funds, and some blue-chip stocks. This is actually when I begin taking a sincere interest in my finances. Robinhood was one of the first financial apps I downloaded.

The app deducted a fixed amount from my banking account each week. Slowly but surely, the amount I saved begin to add up. I saved close to $500 in investable funds I was prepared to lose.

I’m not sure if the traditional investment firms offered these advantages, such as automatic withdrawal. Now I realize the power of trading with a brokerage firm, but at the time, Robinhood was good enough.

Robinhood made investing/trading exciting and straightforward through its user experience.


Think about where the capital is going. Baby Boomers are most likely preserving their wealth and are unlikely to be interested in trading the funds in their retirement account. Most adults don’t have the excess capital to invest as they once did.

Take a small amount from your paycheck and begin to invest was Robinhoods’ Tagline. At the time, I didn’t know anything about commissions or taxes.


As I gained more experience, I begin to notice the shortcomings of Robinhood’s app for real traders, although I think apps like Robinhood will figure it out.


When I began to trade and needed to set up an account at a traditional brokerage firm is when I first noticed commissions.


I had to pay to trade?


And its $4.95 per trade?


This week Charles Schwab made the announcement that they would be eliminating commission fees.

I couldn’t believe it and neither could the general public. I’d assume this to be one of the reasons the brokerage firms saw their stocks decrease in price. TD Ameritrade sank over twenty percent, which is almost the amount they’d lose in revenue by eliminating commissions.

One by One, I knew each firm would have to eliminate commission fees. I figured that I’d have at least a month to prepare for TD Ameritrade to eliminate commission fees.

Yesterday I noticed TD Ameritrade had followed Schwab’s lead and eliminated the commission fees as well. They had to do this to remain competitive.


Technology strikes again. I created my account with TD Ameritrade since I like their “thinkorswim” trading platform.

All of the trading platforms offer advantages and drawbacks. With time and practice, I’ll be able to diagnose what I need and what I don’t when I gain a firm grasp on trading.


Now is the time to trade.

Now is the time for Action.

Questions? Concerns? Corrections?

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