Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

What did the ancients think of Money?

What did the ancients know or understand about money? Probably nothing or maybe a little more than we understand now. The idea of money has been warped and our understanding of it has diminished. In fact, if you stopped the average person on the street and asked them what is money?

I can almost guarantee they would pull out their wallet or describe what is in their bank account. I would have done the same. In fact, although I am learning of money’s true nature, it is still quite difficult for me to wrap my head around what money truly is. It is not a commodity or object, that is just a form of it.

Did the ancients know of money and what it can do to a society? Surely they did, they understood money as an energy, something that provided more than the commodity or the form it represented. It represented the immaterial of life, it represented psychology. The ancient Greeks never warmed up to the idea of money and saw it more as an enemy to society.

In fact, some ancient societies banned it and continued to function on the idea of structure and social status as the necessary regulating function of society. Everything was based on this structure, so a peasant was most likely to remain a peasant. Many revolutions, wars and other major events in the world’s history revolve around money. Money, as I have learned and am learning, is a transferable/tradeable credit once backed by an asset that would maintain its value and now fully backed by confidence and trust of its society. How often do we lose trust in others? Magnify that effect in the economy and boom, more likely than not, a recession.

It is a social technology invented to help society function at a beneficial pace because for me to create a successful business to help myself and others, I need to be able to exchange my good or service regardless of distance, currency and your personal liquidity.

The Greeks knew and recognized the potential destruction money could cause for a society. The idea and power of money could seep deep into your veins and with the money came the chance to make more. The chance to be recognized as a pillar of society and the chance to bring both equilibrium and freedom to your life.

It can bring ruin to your life as well as freedom and balance. Mastering money involves more than earning, spending and saving. It truly involves mastering yourself and what you think of Money which will ultimately influence how you make it. Can you consistently provide value to others successfully while managing your cash flows? Creating a more efficient cash flow as time goes on?

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