Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

What do these posts mean to me?

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I hope everyone is in good health and spirits. Today pretty much began as each other would. However, I decided to write about another topic: What these posts mean to me.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been an entrepreneur. My first business was a lawn care business that consisted of raking leaves off the neighbor’s lawn. I couldn’t have been older than ten years old. My second business almost got me kicked out of high school. I wasn’t dealing drugs.

Instead, I found a teacher’s answer key leftover from a previous copping session. So I photocopied the test and found someone taking the class. I promised him a percentage of all the sales. He got caught and told of my idea. It was wrong, and I was lucky the plan was foiled because it was a bad idea.

Instead of studying and working a little harder in high school, I thought it better to spend my time creating my progress report cards. I did, and it worked most of the time. I even began calling around to the local paper companies to find the exact paper the high school used so that I could begin recreating the official report card.

I tried to sell my idea to people around me, but none would take me up on the offer-another bad idea.

My GPA throughout high school floated around the 2.5 range and, in some cases, drifted towards the 1.67 level. I mostly daydreamed in high school. I started multiple businesses after high school. Most of them failed.

I look back, think and shake my head. Had I applied myself, who knows how my life may have changed?

I didn’t understand the importance of education back then and how it can take you places if you know how to apply it.

Starting a business can be a lonely endeavor, especially if your support system isn’t there for your idea. Every day is an exercise in keeping yourself motivated.

I use to crumble when others didn’t accept my idea or business. I thought they knew something about me or my business that gave them the idea it wouldn’t work. In each of my previous businesses, I put forth my maximum effort, but nothing stuck because I would give up. I would tell others of my business progress, and in most cases, I received the brush off. It hurt and made me question my ability.

As I kept working on my trading and investment skills, I found the process to be natural. For the last four years, I haven’t missed a day to increase my trading knowledge or learn a new thing about myself. Self-awareness is an overlooked attribute of the master trader.

You could say that I’ve found my passion, the one thing I would do for free if there weren’t money involved. It may take you a while to see what you’re passionate about.

One lesson that I had to learn the hard way is that others’ opinions don’t make you who you are.


What you do and why you do it make you who you are. “It takes energy to express your beliefs.

So this brings me to the title of my post, “What these posts mean to me”. These posts offer me a way to reflect and express myself when an empathetic ear is difficult to find. I value this process of writing because it allows me to be open.


A lot. All of these reflections and regrets can show up in my trading in the form of Hero Trading. Without awareness, I can find myself in trades where I find myself trying to prove something to the market just like in real life.

As I continue to work, I reinforce what I believe with my actions. My goal is to trade and live my life with my center of control coming from within. I can’t control what others say or do in support of what I do.

If you’re starting a business or going for something you believe in, you must understand the challenge ahead. Everything is set up for you to step back in line with the crowd.

As complicated as we make life, the solution to this problem is simple.


No cash-flow crunch, but the money is coming in a little slower. I’m still in a good position due to the small nest egg I have at the moment. I’m confident that continuing to contribute a large percentage of my cash flows to dividend earning possibilities will help me become financially free.

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