Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

What is Better Financial Times?

Talking with my mentor, I attempted to explain the premise of my site, Better Financial Times.


Was it a blog?


A website?


I couldn’t quite come up with an accurate description of what it is I do, and that’s a problem!


So I told him that Better Financial Times is a collection of strategies one can take on their journey towards wealth. It covers my journey towards Financial Freedom.

With each post, I write about the psychology that went into a frivolous purchase or a big purchase item that will leave me in debt for the future. Visit me in the next three years, and I’d still be making the same debt payments.

I remedy the situation by drawing attention to the person who made the spending decision. All spending excuses are included to show the difference between a need and a want. Critically thinking about the difference can prompt you to make the right decision next time.

And slowly, I progress.

For me, adjusting my spending habits had nothing to do with leaving my credit card at home or setting a limit on my debit card.  I altered my perspective on what I needed and valued.


  • I value the money in my savings/investing account.
  • I value the benefits of having a high credit score.
  • I value the relief in stress not living paycheck to paycheck provides.


This is a switch in a perspective and values, which ultimately resulted in a switch in spending decisions. How can you spend $10 on a daily lunch when you value a savings/investing account? How can you release the money you worked hard to earn with little discretion if you value time?


The thought/idea changes the action is what I hope to get across.


Discovering my inner trader has been more about who I am than what I know. What I know can keep me in the game, but who I am will keep me profitable.

Such vagueness in those statements so, allow me to explain. I may have 101 spending strategies to help me avoid overspending, but if my purpose is to impress others, those strategies may not work. Likewise, I may recognize a price pattern on a stock chart and decide to enter, but without knowing what I believe about stock patterns, I may exit before the position is indeed profitable.


With all that being said, I’ve discovered what Better Financial does, and it is a blog that generates wealth-creating thoughts.


So with that settled, this past week was a bit boring, but that’s too be expected. Everything worth having is tedious earning. Shooting a thousand jump-shots after the game correcting your errors isn’t as entertaining as the club. Great trading is more about selective entries and even more selective exits, which isn’t as exciting as you’d hope for.

And saving money isn’t as thrilling as spending it. But these things have to be done to make progress.

Dodging the threatening small purchases and remaining selective in the big purchases. Last week I spoke of the break-in consciousness I experienced before making a frivolous expense.


Since then its been a little more natural to spend with the future in mind.

I’d like to give myself a “B” for a consecutive week in the right direction.

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