Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Write down your thoughts!

When I first began learning about finance, I tried my best to remember everything. I was in a rush to become a millionaire. Each book I read, I believed inched me close to that the goal. I still believe this.

And then I ran into my first roadblock , the terminology. The most challenging part of any skill can be learning the terminology. Once you learn the terminology then you have a better chance of understanding the concepts.

As I read through each book at a quicker pace, I begin to miss the ideas. I also couldn’t remember everything I was reading. So one day I decided to keep track of the ideas the book was presenting by writing them down. At first this slowed down my reading and made it harder to finish books.

But something happened that I didn’t anticipate, I begin to develop a deeper understanding of what I was reading. Writing down ideas and quotes forced me to stop and reflect. I didn’t have to remember everything I was reading anymore. What a relief!

One notebook turned into two and I now have notebooks everywhere. I have a notebook for each subject.

Here is a list of my current notebooks:

  • Tech Analysis Vol. 1
  • My Options (Options Trading)
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Finance in General
  • Stocks

Each notebook still has pages to fill. Being able to look through your notebook and reflect on ideas you once had can add to your growth. Your perspective changes the way you see things and perhaps an old idea can help to create a profitable one.

What I usually write down:

  • Quotes
  • Terminology
  • Reflections
  • Concepts that need further contemplation
  • Passages that may be hard to remeber


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