Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Your Ego?

Follow the great thinkers. In any field, there are great thinkers. Masters of their craft who are determined to pass on their knowledge and wisdom. They share their understanding willingly to those who are willing to listen.

The great investors have transformed their thinking of certainties into uncertainties. By doing this they have essentially limited their egos effectiveness. In the financial markets, a for sure thing could be very well be the ending for you.

If you listen to an interview with Howard Marks he never speaks dogmatically. “I know this to be so”. He speaks as if he knows that he could be wrong. He knows that there are very few certainties in life.

One minute the market is trending in your favor and without a moments notice, it’s falling. It fell through your stop loss protection. Cutting your losses when you can is a lesson that should be well learned and practiced.

Our mirror reflection is often blinded by what we think is there. This is a stumbling block that can undermine the best preparation. They often say that the market can be a mirror reflection of who you are.

Life is of great deception. Unlike the market, it sometimes takes years for your decisions to show their results. Often these results blindside you.

How can we solve this interesting dilemma?

By Adjusting our thinking:

  • “This might be” instead of “I know it to be true”.
  • We can both be right instead of your wrong.
  • I can always improve instead of believing that you know all there is to know.
  • There’s always something to learn from others.

Wisdom can come from anywhere and from anyone.

I believe that your downfall may not come from mismanagement, competitors or bad luck. It may come from within, by missing things. It could be something you’re doing that someone with no experience in your field or business may see.

The unblinded eye. Thoughts?

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